Bloomingdales Garden Party Live Sketch

I illustrated customers at Bloomingdale’s Garden Party and Fragrance Fair this past Saturday. My second live sketching event with Bloomingdales was so fun! It was a party in the department store complete with a DJ, hors d'oeuvres, and drinks. My table was set up in the middle of the action between Chanel and Bobbi Brown. I have shopped with Bloomingdales for as long as I can remember. It still feels surreal to sketch at the place where my love of fashion began! 

I met and drew some really sweet people throughout the afternoon. It was a great time capturing their outfits and personalities in quick sketches. Once again, I brought my favorite Copic markers for these custom illustrations. They are the best for live sketching! 

This event was a great time, thank you bloomingdales for having me and to everyone who came to say hi! 


Molly E.